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PrEPerly | Do it PrEPerly - PrEP from under £1 per day

What people say about PrEPerly…

What is PrEP?

PrEP is a once-daily pill that greatly reduces the risk of getting HIV. In some countries it’s available on prescription, in others it’s not. By using PrEP you can take better control of your sexual health, reduce worry and help end the stigma around HIV.

Is it the same as the original brand name PrEP medication®? What’s the difference between brands?

All of the 4 generic brands of PrEP we provide are chemically identical to the original brand name PrEP medication. They all do exactly the same thing. It’s just a case of a different name, different packaging and sometimes a different colour of pill. Just like when you buy paracetamol from the supermarket, you can buy a brand name or a generic version.


The reason we ship one of four generic variants of PrEP is to ensure a constant supply, competitive pricing and to get your PrEP to you as quickly as possible. 


It’s that simple. You can see a list of FDA-approved PrEP here.


You can read more about independent testing of online-purchased PrEP here.

Before you order or start PrEP…

It’s important to be properly informed about PrEP before you consider ordering it or starting it.


The amazing team at London’s 56 Dean Street have made this quick and simple video to make sure you know all the facts and get the correct checks and guidance in advance.


Wherever you are in the UK, you can always speak to THT’s helpline on 0808 802 1221. They can help you access services local to you across the UK, whether provided by them or by someone else.

Where can I get my tests done?

It’s easier than you think! There are so many free clinics accessible across the UK. These can be searched by location by clicking on the NHS link below.


These listings include clinics and support facilities run not only by the NHS but by THT and other charitable trusts and institutions. Just type in your area and have a look.


As with all things medical, your visit will be strictly confidential. Staff are always friendly, helpful and incredibly well-trained. What’s more, these services are free and often don’t require an appointment.

Check if you can get PrEP for free and join a trial

Learn more about the PrEP Impact Trial, participating clinics and availability for both gay and bisexual men as well as women, trans people, HIV-negative partners of individuals diagnosed with HIV who are not known to be virally suppressed and heterosexual people who are considered to be at high risk of HIV acquisition.

Getting PrEP and staying safe

Get Tested

Know your status before you choose to start PrEP which is intended as a preventative treatment for HIV negative individuals

Get Prep

Read all the facts, make sure you’re ready and order your PrEP online. Your PrEP will be delivered to your door within 14 days with tracked delivery

Get Re-Tested

Keep your mind at rest by getting re-tested every 3 months. You can even do this from home.

Our commitment


Our 3, 6 and 12 month packages are among the most affordable sources of generic PrEP online. Treatment is under £1 a day.


Our packages arrive to you in a generic box with no branded markings or medicinal labels. We respect your right to privacy

No Judgement

Everyone’s sex life is their own! We’re here to empower healthy choices with an easy service